07: Halloween Special; The Big 4

October 28, 2014

The Dungeon Master's Block welcomes you to our first ever Halloween Special Episode.  If you are a fan of horror or Halloween in any way this podcast is certainly going to get at the inner gore within you.  We talk about the classics.  We call the the Big Four.  Here is what you can expect out of this episode:

Story Time: We discuss the creepiest moments we found ourselves in as either a DM or a player.  
The Meat:  We discuss the Big Four.  They are: Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, and Zombies in that order.  We talk about: What makes them scary, what are their stats, and how do you use them/fight them as a DM or player.
Light Bulb: Our Light Bulb moment for you all this week is we talk about costumes for a Halloween edition of your campaign or just a regular night.  They can add a fun element to any night.

06: Creation and Inspiration I

October 18, 2014

We are excited to publish the newest episode here on the Dungeon Masters Block.  We couldn't wait to get this episode out to you.  We believe that there is a lot of content in here that may be very useful and helpful to you as DM's or players.  Sit back and Enjoy!

Story Time: We travel into the stories of DM Chris' latest campaign.  We talk about the 68th annual worm wrangling event in the city of Milner as well as the wolf races that you could gamble on.
Meat Time:  We share with you all where we get most of our inspiration from and where we think you could possibly get some inspiration from in the future.  We also share a listeners email about his idea for this creativity episode.  We also share our top 10 list of ideas for either future campaigns or short adventures within a campaign.  We hope that this will spur you on to continue to create amazing adventures for your players
Light Bulb:  We share our initiative board with you all.  If you like it feel free to steal the idea.  We gladly encourage you to use it.  

05: How to Handle Problem Players

October 13, 2014

We had a ton of fun making this episode for everyone! We hope you enjoy it.  We love your feedback.  Please email us at dungeonmasterblock@gmail.com

Story Time: This time we talk about Mitch's campaign and we talk about a cave to his lands gods.  We also talk about the riders of Shemish a new riding gang in the city of Southfar.  In Chris' campaign we talk about the three Dwarves that are encountered: Dwalin, Blanin, and Amren.  Each of them brought their own set of fun to the night.
Meat Time: We talk through how to handle problem players within any group.  We offer suggestions and possible resolutions for a few different situations.  We also offer ways to possibly avoid them from the beginning.  
Light-bulb:   We talk about the dungeon tiles that we use in our campaigns.  We have attached a few photos below.  They are great!  

04: Everything Neutral Characters

October 3, 2014

Episode 4.  Let the excitement ensue.  Lots in here.  Jam Packed.  Enjoy.

Story Time: Who doesn't like some Gnolls that transform, transportation pools and epic prison escapes even Andy Dufresne would be proud of.
Meat:  This episode we discuss neutral characters.  They can be amazing to have in your campaigns, but at times they can be a hastle.  We discuss everything neutral.
Lightbulb:  Everyone's campaigns can go long from time to time and sometimes breaks are needed.  So what do we do during those breaks? We will tell you!