06: Creation and Inspiration I

October 18, 2014

We are excited to publish the newest episode here on the Dungeon Masters Block.  We couldn't wait to get this episode out to you.  We believe that there is a lot of content in here that may be very useful and helpful to you as DM's or players.  Sit back and Enjoy!

Story Time: We travel into the stories of DM Chris' latest campaign.  We talk about the 68th annual worm wrangling event in the city of Milner as well as the wolf races that you could gamble on.
Meat Time:  We share with you all where we get most of our inspiration from and where we think you could possibly get some inspiration from in the future.  We also share a listeners email about his idea for this creativity episode.  We also share our top 10 list of ideas for either future campaigns or short adventures within a campaign.  We hope that this will spur you on to continue to create amazing adventures for your players
Light Bulb:  We share our initiative board with you all.  If you like it feel free to steal the idea.  We gladly encourage you to use it.