05: How to Handle Problem Players

October 13, 2014

We had a ton of fun making this episode for everyone! We hope you enjoy it.  We love your feedback.  Please email us at dungeonmasterblock@gmail.com

Story Time: This time we talk about Mitch's campaign and we talk about a cave to his lands gods.  We also talk about the riders of Shemish a new riding gang in the city of Southfar.  In Chris' campaign we talk about the three Dwarves that are encountered: Dwalin, Blanin, and Amren.  Each of them brought their own set of fun to the night.
Meat Time: We talk through how to handle problem players within any group.  We offer suggestions and possible resolutions for a few different situations.  We also offer ways to possibly avoid them from the beginning.  
Light-bulb:   We talk about the dungeon tiles that we use in our campaigns.  We have attached a few photos below.  They are great!