08: Bringing the Magic of Magic to D&D I (feat. #MagicMark)

November 2, 2014

We are joined this week by one of our players...Mark, as we talk about the lore of Magic the Gathering and how to use it in Dungeons and Dragons.


Story Time: We discuss some of our most hilarious dungeons and dragons memories. Content includes ham falling from the sky on savage northerners, a dwarf caught in an explosion, and a dead loxodon.
Meat Time:  Magic the Gathering has been played by many Dungeons and Dragons gamers. But most don't know the fascinating lore behind it. This week for the first time, we talk about how to use the lore from Magic as inspiration in your D&D campaigns! Content includes Planeswalkers, Myr, Loxodons, and Rhox. 
Light Bulb:  We talk about our different ways of collecting miniatures...for cheap.
Dragon Minis from DM Chris
Homemade Mini by DM Mitch
More Homemade Minis from DM Mitch