Dungeon Builder's Block:

Here's a great idea to add a little flair to your orc settlements. If you like what you see here... check out our podcast, The Dungeon Master's Block or follow us on twitter @DMs_Block!

1) Take an old Lord of the Rings Orc figure...I used Grishnakh. You know...that creepy one that tried to eat Merry and Pippin..especially their legs?

2) Get a base of some kind, and super glue the figure to it the way you want. To make it look like Gruumsh, I slightly burnt and cut one of his eyes. To top it off I took a fake gem and place it in his hand to be his eye...Gruumsh's holy symbol. Or unholy. Whatever you please. 

3) Then it was time. I hit that sucker with all the black paint I could.
4) Shades of Grey and coloring the eye red made this figure look pretty darn sweet. 
5) Some shading to the base, and some fake grass. Lastly I took an old Mighty Max Skeleton figure and cut off his head for a handy dandy skull shoulder piece. Now my players can battle orcs under the watchful eye of the great god Gruumsh himself!