Dungeon Builder's Block:

Here's a great idea to add a little flair to your dwarven dungeon crawls. If you like what you see here... check out our podcast, The Dungeon Master's Block or follow us on twitter @DMs_Block!

1) Take an old Lord of the Rings Dwarf figure...aka Gimli...

2) Place that figure on a stand, or block..preferably a block...since this is the Dungeon Master's Block Podcast. Make sure to super glue any components (axes/swords) you want your stature to hold, and then hit him with a coat of black primer. Then go to town with coats of grey. To add even more detail smack some miniature grass on him when he's dry for a moss effect.

3) Finally create a sweet dungeon crawl through a dwarven mine and pull your statues out to impress your players!