5e Rhox


Rhox are anthropomorphic Rhinos that are usually found in small clusters throughout the plains and mountains of your world. They are naturally strong and most people shy away from prolonged encounters with these creatures.  Other races do not understand them and they do not understand other races.  They mostly stick to themselves.  They prefer the route of Monk or Fighter.


Rhox do not adhere to any particular God. They are unsure of where they came from and therefore do not owe their allegiance to any specific God. Most Rhox that find themselves worshiping a God do so out of the class they specialize in.

Male Rhox Names:

Anphro, Blino, Chran, Crox, Dantnn, Hodktor, Hollpem, Japrt, Miq, Nussvon, Pashtai, Qut, Rawtas, Snell, Sikss, Tecth, Virdeld, Whes, Yov, Zhavrd

Female Rhox Names:

Albetha, Crimara, Dortha, Kalet, Limbaline, Sarai, Yalelin, Zorna

Clan Names:

Battle Horn, Scared Horn, Ivory Horn, Shattered Shield, Gentle Hoof, Thick Skin

Ability Scores Increase:

+2 Strength

+2 Constitution

-1 Charisma

-1 Dexterity


Rhox live to be very old. They can live to be upwards of 350 years old. They reach adulthood around the age of 75.


Rhox are normally of the Neutral variation. Either True Neutral, Neutral good, or Chaotic Neutral. Very rarely do you see a good or evil alignments in a Rhox. There are some out there.


Rhox are of the medium category. They find themselves usually between 6ft and 7 ft tall. They are also very bulky. Their weight ranges from 350lbs to 400lbs.


Rhox can move at a walking pace of 30 ft.

Tough Skin:

Rhox have extremely tough skin. Because of their tough skin it makes a Rhox harder to injure. They gain a +2 natural AC bonus to their Armor Class.

Horned Attack:

This attack is a 2d6 piercing damage. The Rhox may use this at any time as a normal attack action.


Rhox have a special ability that allows them to charge their full distance undeterred. If anyone stands in their way they must make an acrobatics check (Dex check to maintain their balance) and they take 1d6 pts of damage.


Rhox, Common


You do see some subraces popping up throughout the population of the Rhox. They include the Plains Rhox and the Mountain Rhox.

Plains Rhox:


Plains Rhox are known for their wisdom. Many people of the world come and seek out the Plains Rhox in order to learn from their. They study the stars and read the constellations. These Rhox tend to be more migratory. They have no real issue with not having a permanent home. They travel as the stars tell them.

Ability Score Increases:

+1 to Wisdom. It is not uncommon to find Rhox who study the stars and take the path of the Druid from the plains.

Mountain Rhox:


Mountain Rhox are revered for the fighting ability. Many of the Rhox find themselves in the army at a very young age. They are strong and durable. They usually are fighters. If a Rhox is found within a city outside of his own he is usually hired for security or mercenary purposes.

A very powerful race. The stronger the Rhox the more revered the Rhox will be within the society. These Rhox find their pride in their horns. The bigger the horn the stronger and more revered the Rhox will be. If a Rhox happens to have the second smaller horn that sometimes appears it is said that these Rhox are blessed. They have a special place within the society.

Ability Score Increase:

+1 to strength (on top of the normal strength increase.)