5e Myr

Myr 5e Homebrew

Armor Class: 13

Hit points: 12 (3d6+3)

(Does not heal.  Must be repaired.)

Speed: 25ft







11 (+0)

12 (+1)


9 (-1)

10 (0)



Skills:  Myr have one skill and that is the one it was created to do (See Myr Specializations).  This is dependent on the creator.  Whatever one the creator picks, it receives.  Whichever skill it is created to do it will receive a +10 to that skill as it is only proficient in one.

Unrelenting Motivation:  Myr are given one skill upon creation.  When ordered to do the skill it was created for it will not stop.  Until the Myr is ordered to do another action by its master, it will continue to do its intended action despite ones best efforts to make it stop.

Automatic Advantage:  Myr have automatic advantage on whatever skill check they were created to do.  They only have one job and they do it well. 

Immunities (Unless otherwise noted):  Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, and necromancy effects. Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless).

Passive Perception:  11

Languages: Myr, Common

Challenge: ¼ (50xp)


Claw: Melee Attack +2 to hit, reach 5ft., one target.  Hit: 3dmg (1d4+2)



Iron Standard




You have a cute myr

+2 AC +5 sp

+4 AC DR2


100 gp

300 gp

500 gp


Myr Specializations:

Climbing Myr: These Myr specialize in climbing.  They will be of great assistance to you if you need them to ascend to a high place to retrieve and item.  If you bring your myr along with you to fight and then you climb to a high spot you will not be able to carry your myr.  How convenient is it to have your myr climb with you!

Extra Materials: Climbers Kit

Cost of installation: 25 gp

Bonus:  Acrobatics Check +10 Dex

Investigator Myr: You often find these little guys running around with the police force, or the equivalent thereof, in your city.  These myr are particularly trained and equipped with knowledge and tools to track down even the toughest of bad guys.  If you are a thief be on the lookout because they will find you.

Extra Materials: Magnifying Glass and Binocular eyes.

Cost of installation: 20 gp

Bonus: Perception Check +10 Wis

Torch Myr: Sick of having to give up an arm to carry a torch through the dimly lit or dark dungeon.  Have no fear Torch myr is here.  This little guy can solve your lighting issues no matter how dark the dungeon.  Tell him to light the way and light away he will. 

Extra Materials: Oil, Lantern

Cost of installation: 15 gp

Bonus:  Gives off normal lantern light.

Bonus Ability: Combustion.  When the myr is hit by a fire based attack it has a 20% chance of explosion.  If it explodes the myr does 2d6 damage to those within 5ft and 1d6 within the next 5 ft.

Lie Detector Myr:  Also another myr favorite by the police force, or the equivalent in your cities.  These myr are particularly adept at detecting when someone is lying.  They lock onto the persons arms under question and detect the pulse and muscle tension of the person being questioned. They let of a series of continuous beeps when the victim is caught in a lie.

Extra materials: Pulse monitor (equivalent to a stethoscope in our time)

Cost of installation: 30 gp

Bonus: Perception Check +10 Wis

Lock Pick Myr: Upon its creation it was an instant favorite of rogues.  No longer did they have to worry about operator error when unlocking a lock.  The lock pick myr are hard to come by as they are illegal to make in many areas.  If you wish to have one it will cost you a hefty price.

Extra Materials:  Thieves kit +5

Cost of Installation: 100 gp

Bonus: Acrobatics Check +10 Dex

Medicine Myr:  They have found a majority of their homes within infirmaries in cities or barracks in military outposts.  They are used to aid in the healing of those wounded in combat or sick and need to be healed.  They may also be found in the homes of the wealthy as they do not trust that the common medical myr was properly sanitized. 

Extra Materials: Healers kit

Cost of installation: 30 gp

Bonus: Medicine Check +10

Scribe Myr:  These myr have found a particular home among Bards.  They travel along side of their bard companions and when ordered to write, they begin to write.   They are used by many historians that want to accurately transcribe old manuscripts or write some for the first time. 

Extra Materials: Quill and parchment

Cost of Installation: 10 gp

Bonus:  +10 intelligence

Shield Myr:  Favored by many of the same size category.  They are able to a lot of the brute force that would come anyone’s way in battle.  They have shields for hands, a shield for a helmet, and attached to its back is another shield.  It has one job to defend its companion at all costs.  It must be ordered to defend at the beginning of combat to ensure that it does its job properly. 

Extra Materials: Shields (which ever kind the buyer deems necessary)

Cost of installation: 45 gp

Bonus: +4 AC

Keep in mind you may adjust any of these stats to make them fit your game.  These are just base stats that I would use for a campaign I am doing.