Story Time: Dilemmas!

January 7, 2016

This week in Story Time we talk about past Dilemmas we have put our players through.  Sit back, prop your feet up, and get your notebooks ready to start taking notes.  We have some good ones for you. 

Story Time edited by: DM Neal

Story Time: Solarian Islands 02

January 14, 2016

We check back in again with our players as they adventure through the Solarian Islands. Who are the people that blew up the Amber Dictator? Who is Alzog?  More questions are being asked than answered.  Lets see if any of them are answered this week.

Story Time edited by: DM Chris

Story Time: How the Lich Stole Christmas

December 24, 2015

How the Lich Stole Christmas

Written and Narrated by: DM Mitch
Edited by: DM Mitch
Voice of the Lich: DM Chris
Voice of the Gnome Child: DM Neal
Voice of Santa Claus: DM Chris
Background Audio:

Story Time: Voyage on the Unending Sea 03

December 17, 2015
The Noggles meet their judgement, a storm threatens the crew's safety, and songs will be sung.

Story Time edited by: DM Mitch