18: League of Legends Delving into the Freljord

January 26, 2015

This week we start a new series on The Dungeon Master's Block where we focus on the ever popular game League of Legends.  We have noticed the growth over the past few years and decided to begin work on showing you how some of you favorite champions, items, and much more, can become an integral part into your gaming world.

This week we delve into the realm of the Freljord.  We put on our snow boots, Coats, and grab our Dire Boar mounts and travel in to see what we can find.  We show you some of the potential champions that you could use as NPC's in your world.  We unearth some unique items that could find their way into your worlds as well.  With your ice pick in hand what are you waiting for.  Hit the play button.
Here is the Risk Board we discuss in the Lightbulb section:
Music is brought to us this week by:  Nathan Alfrod  Song:  Joyride

17: Divine Spotlight I; Pelor, Olidammara & Erebus

January 18, 2015
This is our first episode in the Divine Spotlight Series. On these episodes we will choose 3 gods to discuss, give ideas for extra lore, and adventure hooks to use in your campaigns. On this episode we will take a look at Pelor, Olidammara, and Erebus.
The song in this episode is Tribal Arcade_Lost by Nathan Alford.

16: Good, Bad, Unkillable Villain

January 11, 2015

On this episode we discuss what makes a great villain a great villain. Strike fear into your players today!

The Crit Fumble Chart of Doom
The song in this episode is Stadium Thing by Nathan Alford. soundcloud.com/nathan-alford

15: Bringing the Magic of Magic to D&D II; Color Alignment Pie (feat. #MagicMark)

January 5, 2015
On our second Magic the Gathering episode, we invite Magic Mark back to discuss an alternative alignment system...the magic color pie! 

14: A Very Merry DMB Christmas

December 24, 2014

This week we are proud to present our very first DMB Christmas episode.  We have a lot jam packed into this episode so hunker down, grab your egg nog and cookies and prepare to have your ears pleased with this special episode of the Dungeon Master's Block.  Here is what you are in for:

Story Time: This week we extended our episode's story time to be well...pretty much the whole episode.  We share our favorite stories over our years of playing DnD.  We laugh, reminisce, and pretty sure someone might even cry...not really but close when we talk about Daima.  
Twitter Jokes:  We share the best answers to the twitter jokes that we have posted over the past month.  Special shout outs to those of you that won.  These are classic.
MailBag of Holding:  As a gift from us to you we include a new segment to our show.  The Mail Bag of Holding makes its DMB premier with a fitting christmas story that was submitted by DM Mainprize.  Thanks for the email.
DMB Christmas Song:  We slaved over making this song, as did our NPC Band, the best it could possibly be for all of you.  We hope you enjoy the song at the end of the episode.  Who knows if it goes over well we may try our hand at it again next year.
Have a Merry Christmas Everyone! Keep on Dungeon Mastering!

13: Dungeon Builder’s Block (Crawling Through Dungeon Creation)

December 14, 2014

Welcome back to another episode.  Glad you could join us.  This week we have a jam packed episode.  We crawl through what it takes to build a quality dungeon that both you and your players will enjoy.  We love dungeons here at the Dungeon Master's Block and we want you to enjoy and share our love for dungeons.  

Story Time:  We share what happened last week in DM Mitch's campaign.  A few good laughs if you listen in.  We also share a story from one of our community members here at the Dungeon Master's Block.  
The Meat:  This week we delve into the who, what, where, why, and how of a dungeon. We cover a lot of valuable materials.  We help you gain some ideas that may help you out with some of your future dungeons.  Hope you enjoy.
Light Bulb:  DM Chris created some stone walls to help enhance the dungeon crawl experience for his players.  Below are some pictures of what the finished product can look like.  Enjoy and share your creations with us as well.

12: Creation & Inspiration II

December 8, 2014

Our Second Creation & Inspiration Episode

Story Time: We talk about our past 2 nights of D&D, including opening a Tavern that doubles as a Tavern, as well as playing a video game like dungeon crawl!
The Meat: We have 6 new tips to use when creating stories, and being inspired. Then we move into our second TOP TEN!
Lightbulb:  Evernote is a great free program that can be used to take great notes for any D&D campaign!

11: World Building; Time & Space

November 24, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.  We had a blast at Comic Con Grand Rapids last weekend.  So if we saw you there and you are listening to this episode of the podcast we greet you!  We have a lot in this episode as it is about some of our favorite things as DM's world creation.

Story Time: We explore the wonderful world of Aatos.  DM Mitch hosted a game last week that created a lot of fun memories and some of which include stone giants.
The Meat: We talk about three of our favorite things.  Time. Space. And Maps.  We have a lot to share with you about each of these areas of being a DM.  Some examples of our work are below for you to peruse through.  
Lightbulb:  There is not a lightbulb this week.  We instead list off a bunch of DnD things and people that we are thankful for.  Enjoy!
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
DM Chris' World (Panthia):
Example Calendar (Panthia):
DM Mitch's World (Aatos):
A Timeline of Aatos:
Example Month of Fantasy Calendar (Aatos):

10: Flawed, Flawless, or Flawful (feat. Flawful Jared)

November 16, 2014

This is our 10th episode here at the DM's Block.  We are so grateful to you as a community for making this podcast so worth doing every week.  Continue rocking and never hesitate to chat with us.  We love hearing from you. We have our friend Jared join us, the king of flawed characters, to share some of his expertise in playing a flawed character. Here is what we have for you in this 10th episode:

Story Time: We have been doing a Twitter campaign and we run through a few stories that we have had during our experiment.  We also run through DM Chris' last night of DnD.  Dragons, Dragons, and more dragons.
The Meat:  We discuss the pros and cons to playing and having both flawed characters and flawless characters.  We talk through some of our favorite NPC's that had flaws as well as some of our favorite PC's we have had in our group.
Light bulb:  We talk through gambling this week for our light bulb.  We share some of our favorite implementations of gambling into our campaigns and give you a few ideas to spark you interest in gambling with your own players.

09: Death & Dying

November 11, 2014
Story Time: We discuss the past week in Mitch's Campaign and a story of the almost death of Chris' 3 characters. 
The Meat:  We discuss the rules of death, dying and resurrection. 
Light Bulb: Our Light Bulb is about the "Life Point."