38: Creation & Inspiration IV- Part 01; Going In Detailed (feat. Morgan Jenkins)

June 28, 2015
In this special 2 part episode of the Dungeon Master's Block, we are joined by DM Morgan of the Going In Blind Podcast. In this, the first part, we discuss the importance of details and how to be aware of them, and use them at your tables.
We also have a new segment, called DMnastics, with guest hosts, DM Neal and DM Phil. 
Tune in to our next episode for our TOP TENS!
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Hired Heroes 01; Origin Story

June 22, 2015
Join Mahleil, Sev and Tarhun on their adventures in Magrathen! The Dungeon Master's Block proudly presents, their first ever Actual Play. 
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37: Return to the Depths (feat. Rich Howard)

June 16, 2015

This episode we are joined by Rich Howard for another edition of Aquatic Campaigns.  We are glad he is back and once again he is taking us to school to learn all there is to know about running aquatic campaigns.  

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36: Reservoir Blink Dogs (feat. Shawn Ellsworth)

June 7, 2015

This week we are once again joined by our bucko, Shawn Ellsworth of Tribality.com. Shawn joins us to talk about how to run a successful heist for your players in a fantasy world. 

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